Why Is Upgrading Your Security Cameras A Good Idea?

Security is a paramount concern for both residential and commercial property owners nowadays. One of the ways to ensure this security is through surveillance systems, particularly security cameras. While having any security camera installation is a smart move if you have no surveillance systems at the moment, home and business owners should consider periodically upgrading them. Read on to find out why.

1. Enhanced Image Quality

The most significant advantage afforded by a security camera replacement is the improved image quality modern models offer. The current crop of security cameras provides high-definition resolution, allowing for clear and sharp footage at all times. Such video resolution can be essential in identifying faces, license plates, or other specific details that older, low-resolution cameras just cannot manage

2. Wide-Angle Coverage

Upgraded security cameras often have wider field-of-view capabilities, too. Traditional cameras might provide limited coverage or turn slowly so you miss what might be going on when the camera is pointed the other way. This may lead to the need for more cameras on your property to cover a given area fully. However, thanks to their lenses, newer models should be able to cover extensive areas with fewer cameras, making them a more cost-effective solution when you upgrade.

3. Advanced Features

Newer security cameras tend to provide innovative features that enhance their functionality as well as their ease of use. These can include motion detection, for example, so that the camera system sounds alarms in the area where the movement has been picked up. Others provide facial recognition technology so that they know if they've detected an authorized person. There again, you could also benefit from remote access so you can monitor your property from anywhere via your tablet or smartphone.

4. Efficient Storage and Easy Access

Modern security cameras sometimes utilize cloud storage rather than localized image retention systems. This makes it easier to store, access, and share footage as needed. This technology eliminates the need for on-site footage storage which could be tampered with, of course, thereby overcoming another potential security concern. Cloud-based solutions typically offer encryption for enhanced security by restricting access to video footage to authorized people only.

5. Better Low-Light Performance

Many criminal activities occur under the cover of darkness. As such, a camera's ability to record clear images in low-light conditions is crucial for deterrence and investigation. Modern cameras often come with enhanced low-light capabilities and some even provide infrared night vision. Either way, you can expect high-quality surveillance when you upgrade regardless of the lighting conditions.