4 Ways To Prepare Your Home For A Security Camera System

Whether you have a vacation home that you only visit a few times a year or a temporary rental property that you want to keep in good condition, having a video surveillance system for your property can be comforting when you can't keep an eye on your home in person.

Here are a few ideas to consider when you are setting up video surveillance for your home. 

1. Active Paths

There are access points to your home that have a lot of people going in and out, such as the front door, and areas that are unlikely to have much activity, such as your shed outside. Try to map out which entry points you need extra coverage for, and which are likely safe to leave uncovered. 

Remember to take the camera you are using into account—does it offer night vision? Or will you need to have a light turned on for increased visibility? 

2. Consider Your Goals

Do you want to check in and say hi to your pets when on vacation or away at work? If so, you probably don't need a camera with stellar quality. If it's for security purposes, however, you will likely want to invest more so that you can identify potential suspects in the event of a break-in that leads to property damage or loss of personal belongings.

3. Camera Positioning

People that are involved in suspicious activity will likely try to remove your cameras or destroy them so that there isn't evidence of their activities. To prevent this, you will want to make sure your cameras are difficult to access, while still providing them with a good vantage point to capture activity. Try to place the cameras as high up on your wall as you can, then focus them down so that they can pick up on any movement below. Also, if your goal is security, you will want to place your cameras in a visible location. This can be a deterrent to intruders that arrive at your home and are hoping to act without getting caught.

4. Prevent Unwanted Remote Access

Be sure to discuss firewall options with your security camera installation technician so that you can prevent unauthorized people from accessing your video feed and invading your privacy. If you would like to have a video surveillance system installed at your home, contact a security service in your area to get started!