4 Important Features Every Commercial Security System Should Have

Just as homeowners use residential security systems to ensure the safety of their homes, business owners should also prioritize the installation of commercial security systems to protect their businesses. That said, the sheer number of commercial security systems available can sometimes make it hard to narrow down the choices. If you are a business owner who is contemplating the purchase of a new commercial security system, read the information below to learn more about some of the most important features you should look for.

Key Card Compatibility

Key cards are one of the most beneficial features of any large business' security system. Essentially, they allow complete customization of access from upper-level management to interns to everyday visitors. What's better, this access can be changed at a moment's notice in the case that emergency measures demand a certain part of your building be opened up or closed off.

Hazard Detection Sensors

Even if you have regular security guards patrolling your business' building, they can't be everywhere at once. That's why hazard detection sensors are an absolute must. All offices should have sensors that can detect fires and carbon monoxide leaks as soon as they start. Business properties with basements or underground storage areas should also consider installing flood sensors. Finally, if your business has valuable goods regularly stored on-site, investing in sensors that detect broken glass can be a smart decision.

Easy Remote Access

Security systems are of much greater service to business owners when they offer remote access. The ability to monitor and adjust the security status of your business property at any time is a key feature that allows for both total control and complete peace of mind. Remote access may seem like a luxury feature to some, but in an increasingly wireless age, it should be a feature you aren't willing to compromise on. 

24/7 Video Monitoring

In the past, video monitoring was almost always used purely as a theft prevention measure, but many businesses increasingly use it in additional and more varied ways. For example, video monitoring systems can easily be used to alert you of unusual occupancy numbers or sudden, dangerous crowding. Furthermore, many systems have impressive analytical capabilities. Retail stores can install systems that monitor customer lines, for example, and produce corresponding data. This in turn allows managers to leverage the data to improve service and the overall customer experience of their business.

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