Mobile Access Control: How It Helps Your Business

With business security becoming more important than ever because of remote work and flexible schedules, many business owners are looking into new options for access control. Especially when you promote flexible scheduling, remote work, and a work-life balance, you need to ensure that your staff has a way to access the building when it's convenient, but you don't want to sacrifice security to do it. Here's a look at what you need to know about mobile access control and the benefits it can provide for your company.

Prevents An Access Card Security Breach

When your staff relies on access cards for door entry, those physical cards are a security vulnerability. If someone loses their access card, or if the card is stolen, that puts you at risk of having someone unauthorized gain entry to your building. With mobile access control, your employees use an access control app on their smartphones to activate the doors, eliminating the risk of a lost or stolen access card completely.

Adds Additional Levels Of Protection Against Unauthorized Access

With security being an utmost concern, anything that can help to add additional protection is valuable. With mobile access control, you have an additional level of security because users must first unlock their smartphones and gain access to the app used for access control. Most smartphone users rely on biometric security to lock their smartphones, so you have far less risk of an access breach since anyone stealing their phone would be unable to gain access to it without their fingerprint or facial recognition.

User-Friendly Access Control

If you're looking at ways to simplify access control and eliminate the access card security risk, you may be thinking about using passcodes instead. However, there are some downsides to using passcodes for access control. First, it requires your employees to memorize a passcode that they have to enter on a keypad. If they forget their passcode, you end up getting a call for access. Additionally, when you are dealing with access on a keypad, every employee touches those keypads. In a time when people are acutely aware of how viruses and bacteria spread, this is an additional risk.

Opting instead for mobile access control will eliminate both of these problems. Their access is controlled through a Bluetooth connection between their smartphone and your access panel. That means no access codes to remember, and employees only touch their own phones.

For more information about this type of access control system, like Brivo access control systems, contact a local service provider.