5 Winter Security Tips

Winter is a great time for burglars to hit homes. It's darker outside for longer, and many people invest in expensive presents during the holiday season. There are steps you can take, though, to keep intruders away from your home and to make your home a less-than-appealing target this winter.

Install an Alarm System

First, you need to start by installing a burglar alarm system. Even the most basic burglar system, with motion sensors on entry-level doors and windows, will help increase the security of your home.

Start by looking at the basic cost of a security system, and add services to the basic security system that fit your home's unique security needs. A few great services to add to your security set-up include security system monitoring, so a company checks when your alarm goes off and contacts authorities if appropriate. A text or phone call alert if the alarm is triggered is another great feature that keeps you aware of what is happening in your home. Contact businesses like Sonitrol Security Systems for more information about burglar alarms.

Clear Away Ice and Snow

Second, you need to make it look like you are at home. Even if you work from home and don't need to shovel the driveway early in the morning to get to work, you should still try and get outside and remove ice and snow after a storm.

Removing ice and snow after a storm makes it look like your home is occupied. Potential thieves pay attention to which house sidewalks or driveways have not been cleared off after multiple storms.

Keep the Outside Well Lit

Third, there is no denying that things are just darker in the winter time. It gets dark really early, and even with daylight savings, the sunrises don't come that early in the morning. That is why it is best to keep the outside of your home well lit.

Install motion or thermal-activated lights near all main entrances to your home. Add lights to your landscaping so there are not a lot of dark places to hide around your home. Light up your home and put your outside light system on timers to reduce the chance of your home being targeted for a break-in.

Use Timers on Indoor Lights

Fourth, be conscious of your indoor lights as well. You can set your indoor lights onto a timer so that they go on and off every day regardless of if you are home or not. Lights turning on and off inside of a home are another way to signal that your home is occupied.

Don't Advertise New Items

Finally, don't advertise all of the new stuff that you are purchasing. Bring your vehicle into your garage and then bring presents into your house. After opening a lot of presents, don't stack the boxes up outside of your home or next to your garbage, advertising the new items in your home. Break down boxes and put them inside dark-colored plastic bags. If your trash is overflowing, set the boxes aside in your garage where they are not visible from the street and put them out with the next week's trash.

Protect your home this winter by installing a burglar alarm, adding motion and heat sensing lights outside your home, putting your inside lights on a timer, and being careful with getting rid of boxes and advertising the new items in your home.