Four Factors To Analyze When Installing CCTV Cameras At Your Facility

When CCTV cameras are installed in a commercial facility, there are a variety of factors that need to be taken into account to maximize the security benefits these cameras offer.

Choosing the wrong CCTV camera model or placing cameras in the wrong areas significantly detracts from the return on investment these security features offer.

The following are four important factors that need to be analyzed to choose the best security camera solutions for a commercial facility.

The location(s) where cameras are necessary

One of the most important factors is the exact locations where cameras need to be placed. Generally, CCTV security cameras should be located at exits to a building where merchandise or other company assets would need to exit a facility in order to be stolen.

However, cameras may do more good if they are located in the interior of a facility if items that may be removed are small enough to be placed in the pocket of a client or an employee.

Analyze the types of items you need to protect at your facility and where they are located to choose the best places for camera installations. 

The visibility of cameras

You need to decide whether your CCTV cameras will be most effective if they are visible or invisible.

A camera that is visible may discourage burglary. However, a visible camera could also make a successful burglary more easy to carry out because visible cameras could potentially be disconnected or blocked if a burglar is aware of them. 

It's important that visible cameras are installed in such a way that they cannot be blocked or disconnected. 

The available lighting in the areas where the cameras are to be placed

At many facility, the nighttime is the time of day when security is most compromised. This may mean that lighting features need to be installed along with CCTV cameras to provide around-the-clock visibility. 

Whether cameras will be placed outside the facility or inside the facility

A camera that's going to be placed outside needs to be more durable than a camera that's going to be placed inside. Outdoor CCTV cameras need to be able to stand up to rain. They may need to be covered with a protective shelter to protect them from the elements.

Indoor CCTV cameras don't require as much durability or protection, but at some facilities outdoor cameras are necessary because burglary is most likely to take place around the exterior of a building. 

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